RabbitMQ launched new version 3.8 with some interesting new features with main focus on reliability, operations, and observability. Main highlights are -

  • Quorum Queues
  • Feature Flags
  • Prometheus and Grafana Monitoring Support
  • OAuth 2.0 Support
  • Single Active Consumers

This blog will cover Quorum Queues. If you wish to read more new…

RabbitMQ is an open-source message broker that originally implemented AMQP(Advanced Message Queueing Protocol). Message brokers adhere to protocols for communicating between software systems using well-defined messages.

WHY use RabbitMQ?

Message queueing enables software applications to connect and scale. Applications can connect and communicate with each other. Messaging is asynchronous, decouple applications by separating…

Every day of every month of all the years we have lived, we keep growing in some aspect of our lives. Everyone has their own definition of Life, and I had my own way of defining life too. Although that definition kept on taking new forms over time. It was…

Suppose a user request comes in and after various aspects of the request has been handled by several services. And something goes wrong!!
Even though every service would have been logging along the way, it’s not easy to find all the relevant log messages for this request amongst other log…

This blog is about my experience working on Google Drive APIs while working on the current project. Although the documentation from Google is good, but I felt difficulties getting my way around it. Hence, I am consolidating my experience of using Google Drive APIs here. …


Dependency Injection(DI) is a software engineering technique for defining the dependencies among objects. Basically, the process of supplying a resource that a given piece of code requires. The required resource is called dependency.
There are various classes and objects defined when writing code. Most of the time, these classes depend…

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